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We want our clients to be happy and achieve their dreams. These are usually different for everyone and at ATI we understand those differences. 

If you are in an aggressive posture, our goal is to tweak your profit margins so you keep at least 62 cents for every service dollar you bill out. We will work with you on your car count until you have enough work so your technicians can bill out an hour for every hour they are on the floor. We will help your Service Manager increase sales to a target goal of $350.00 average per repair order or over $20,000 in sales per bay per month. By the way, we have some clients at $35,000 per bay per month. A stellar auto repair shop should have a net profit of 20 to 30 percent if it follows our model. 

If you're losing customers to competitors, we will survey your customers to determine what the real problem is and help you correct it. Our accounting staff can get involved in shrinkage and tax issues. We can test your Service Manager's personality to determine his strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to motivate the most important person your customers interact with. 

If you simply want to spend more time with family and friends, go fishing, golfing, hunting or whatever floats your boat, our goal is simple: Increase profits to hire a talented, motivated Service Manager, or cultivate the one they have. Then, the owner can concentrate on the business as a whole, not be a strategic part of production! 

Recently, many baby boomer shop owners have been focusing on when and how they're going to retire. Most of the better technicians are of the same age. They are not going to buy out the business because they want to retire as well. Retiring requires a very profitable operation to contribute a generous amount, annually, to a variety of retirement investment techniques. Most clients, who depend on renting or selling their real estate to finance their retirement, are extremely disappointed in the actual value of their investment when it comes time to quit. 

If you work extremely hard to stay the best in your market, we can help keep your customers telling positive stories about how great their quality service has been. We help them stay on the cutting edge of technology, leadership and profits. Quite often, a 32-hour Shop Owner's Workshop is the perfect tune up for even the most successful and passionate leaders. 

No matter what type of shop owner you are at this point in your life, we understand you. 

We plead with you to focus on the violent changes occurring in our industry right now. In my 35 years, I have never seen a greater need to sharpen your management skills. Recently, we've witnessed a lot of shops around the US where the owners are working harder yet making less money. Managed properly, even today, the repair business can give you a life, not take it away. 
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